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Boxed Culture: The Traveling Gamesmen

The Traveling Gamesmen I just recently got back from a business trip in San Francisco. I was a a giant convention called Dreamforce, which has little to no bearing on board gaming at all but I figured it would name drop. Anyway, while I was away, I noticed two thing about […]

Boxed Culture: The Experience of Playing a Game

The Experience of Playing a Game So, a long time ago I talked to Mike Fitzgerald about games. This weekend I played a game that made me think of that conversation again. This weekend I was taught Twilight Struggle and, boy-wowie, was it something.   Twilight Struggle is a pretty […]

Boxed Culture: Tutoring Terminology – Mechanically Motivated

Tutoring Terminology Mechanically Motivated So this week I would like to write something for the readers who are new to the gaming world! Today we will take a look at some common terms used in gaming.  This is the first of a few lists of gaming terms I want to […]

Boxed Culture: A Legacy in the Making

A Legacy in the Making We recently just finished our game of Pandemic: Legacy. For those of you who don’t know Pandemic: Legacy is a special kind of game where the results of all previously played games affect the way the next game is played. Anything from destroying certain components […]

Boxed Culture: A Sincere Apology

A Sincere Apology Today on Boxed Culture I would like to take some time to talk about a few changes in the posting scheduled and address the lack of posting lately, both specifically with regard to Boxed Culture. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who reads for being […]

Boxed Culture: Designer Focus – Ryan Laukat

Designer Focus Ryan Laukat When it comes to designing games there are lots of people who immediately spring to mind. From Bruno Cathala to Ignacy Trzewiczek, many designers are beginning to be common names. On top of which, some of these designers even run their own companies! But none of […]

Boxed Culture: The Min-Max Effect

The Min-Max Effect Often as gamers we run into people that play games hard. Unlike the casual gamer who  enjoys being around friends and enjoying a story, these gamers find fun in making the best plays and optimizing the decision making process. As much as I don’t think things are […]

Boxed Culture: The Art of Martial Gaming

The Art of Martial Gaming A long time ago a friend and I discussed the difference between deck building games and martial arts. We never really came to a conclusion about whether or not one can easily compare one to the other but we did have some interesting things come out […]

Boxed Culture: Collections

Collections I had the pleasure of talking to local game designer and friend, Virgilio San Andres(also know as V), this weekend at Denver ComicCon. We always have great conversations about gaming and today was no different as we talked about our games. We both have alto of them but he, assuredly, has more…far more. […]

Boxed Culture: A Tale of Trading

A Tale of Trading One of the things I do as an avid member of the board game community is participate in board game trades. To date I have participated in about 30 board game trades. They can range from talking online and exchanging games through the mail to meeting up with someone […]