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Dalton’s TL;DR Rant #4

Dalton’s TL;DR Rant #4: Everything Wrong with the Redskins┬áName I was browsing Reddit (imagine that) when I came across an NFL thread that was titled with a question: What is the greatest obstacle your team needs to overcome to be successful this season? The overwhelming responses involved injuries and defeating […]

Dalton’s TL;DR Rant #3 1

TL;DR Rant #3: The Problem with the NBA I often find that my opinions are most highly engaged when I read something so bizarre and ridiculous in the realm of sports or movies. Today, it was a sports article that set me off. I was reading an article that excused […]

A Dalton TL;DR Rant, #2

The Manager’s Manual, Revised Edition A friend of mine noticed that his manager had a recent change in behavior, from a fine, upstanding manager to a disrespectful, condescending jerk. In passing he mentioned that the owner had him read a manager manual on how to manage. I would like to […]

A Dalton TL;DR Rant, #1 1

TL; DR Rant #1 – Movie Theater Refunds I was reading an article on some movie news, as I often do. This particular article was showing some new trailers for a couple of upcoming films. One of the films was X-Men: Days of Future Past. Occasionally I will glance down […]