Boxed Culture: A Sincere Apology

A Sincere Apology

Today on Boxed Culture I would like to take some time to talk about a few changes in the posting scheduled and address the lack of posting lately, both specifically with regard to Boxed Culture.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who reads for being patient and sticking with, even when it seems like it is ran by a crazy person(me). We have a lot of good content that people can enjoy and my other writers are the freaking best. They always deliver on time and make me look bad as their chief. I am glad we have such awesome people that contribute to this site to make it a vibrant and wonderful place to cover all woks of nerdom. In that vein, if you have a new segment idea please send me a proposal and I would love to consider it! That being said on of their flock has shunted his responsibility of late.

I am not going to give excuses as to why I have been not writing as frequently or why I though it necessary to separate Boxed Culture and The Living Card Guy into two articles. Suffice it to say over the last 5 or 6 months my life has been … hectic. I don’t want to sit here and say this article is me saying it is calming down, because it doesn’t seem to be. What I want to do here today is apologize to everyone who reads Boxed Culture for the inconsistencies and the randomness of my posting. Secondarily, I would like to offer a possible solution.

After thinking about and observing how my life is going lately, I have come to a conclusion on how to best help, me as a writer and you as a reader, get the most of of this small portion of I am going to start posting Boxed Culture twice monthly opposite Digital Beard Stroking, which is a fantastic segment you should all read if you do not already. This should allow for more prep time between articles and allow me to get ahead of scheduled in case thing happen the prevent me from writing. I have written 63 articles I aim to keep gong until I at least hit 100. Only difference now is they will just be more dispersed. As far as The Living Card Guy is concerned, that article will be more of a random exposition if I have any interesting things to talk about in the LCG realm or find a topic that interests me that doesn’t quit fit under the guise of Boxed Culture.

Again I would like to apologize for the craziness lately but I hope you all understand and keep reading every other week starting next Monday! See ya next time.


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