RetroViewer: Foxes in Spaaaaace! Part 2

Foxes in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace! Again! Welcome to part two of the Star Fox review! As I mentioned before, I wanted address this game from the ground up. But Star Fox for SNES is merely the foundation for the main event. Without further adieu, Let’s get it on! Point 1: Back, and […]

Boxed Culture: The Experience of Playing a Game

The Experience of Playing a Game So, a long time ago I talked to Mike Fitzgerald about games. This weekend I played a game that made me think of that conversation again. This weekend I was taught Twilight Struggle and, boy-wowie, was it something.   Twilight Struggle is a pretty […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Fun pt 2, Can’t Spell Overanalyzing without-

Fun pt 2, Can’t Spell Overanalyzing without- In my earlier article on fun, I admitted that I couldn’t figure out why some subset of games were fun.  As I’ve had some time to reflect on it and consider the myriad of other games I’ve been addicted to in the intervening […]

Boxed Culture: Gamers Teaching Gaming – The Little Things

Gamers Teaching Gaming The Gamers Teaching Gaming segment is about teaching games. This is part two you can read them in any order but the other parts are here! The Little Things This is the ever awaited second part of the Gamers teaching Gaming segment. This segment is not going […]

Boxed Culture: Obligatory Labor Day Article

I don’t typically try to do review segments anymore but I played a few new games lately that are really fun. So in honor of the holiday I figure it would be appropriate to do some reviews. It literally has nothing to do with the fact I have had no time to write anything […]