Boxed Culture: The Experience of Playing a Game

The Experience of Playing a Game So, a long time ago I talked to Mike Fitzgerald about games. This weekend I played a game that made me think of that conversation again. This weekend I was taught Twilight Struggle and, boy-wowie, was it something.   Twilight Struggle is a pretty […]

Graphic Reviews: Persepolis

Persepolis While there’s plenty of graphic novels that I haven’t read, I like to think that over the course of my weekly ramblings about them, I’ve come to read a fairly decent range of stories. There have been stories that I’ve fallen in love with, stories that I despised with […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Tribalism and Team Games

Tribalism and Team Games Tribalism is an underlying concept that’s arguably intrinsic to the human condition.  It’s evident in every culture, every society, every continent.  The concept of delineating an “us” versus a “them” exists in every group of people across the globe.  At first glance, this may seem to […]

Graphic Reviews: American Vampire 1

I’m sticking with the horror theme again this week and will be reviewing the American Vampire series written by Scott Snyder and illustrated mostly by Rafael Albuquerque. Vampires, like zombies, have become such an omnipresent monster that it seems most people are sick of them by now. Between Anne Rice, […]