Boxed Culture: Introducing the Meta Scenario

Introducing the Meta Scenario Sounds like a pretty kool title, right?! Well it is, so you are right. Recently, I have been playing games that have required something a little more than a normal game. These are sometimes games I have played before and sometimes they are completely new games. […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Fun pt 2, Can’t Spell Overanalyzing without-

Fun pt 2, Can’t Spell Overanalyzing without- In my earlier article on fun, I admitted that I couldn’t figure out why some subset of games were fun.  As I’ve had some time to reflect on it and consider the myriad of other games I’ve been addicted to in the intervening […]

Fun: noun. Enjoyment? yes. Logical? no 1

Fun is a tricky concept to nail down.  It’s fleeting, inconsistent, subjective and thoroughly undefinable.  It’s so abstract that it’s amazing we can even use it as a concept at all.  Yet, we all know it quite well and can easily discern which activities are going to be fun and […]