Game of thrones

Boxed Culture: Tutoring Terminology – Mechanically Motivated

Tutoring Terminology Mechanically Motivated So this week I would like to write something for the readers who are new to the gaming world! Today we will take a look at some common terms used in gaming.  This is the first of a few lists of gaming terms I want to […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Dream Theater

An Astonishing Experience An Evening with Dream Theater   I’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing a few bands perform where they were the only band on the ticket.  Amon Amarth, Steven Wilson, and Machine Head are a few that I’ve seen with that particular distinction.  It is always an […]

The Living Card Guy: Git Gud in 5 Easy Steps!

Git Gud in 5 Easy Steps! Less than a month ago I picked up A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game. I was impressed by the mechanics and I do like A Song of Ice and Fire series on which Game of Thrones is based, so it was an easy buy. […]

Boxed Culture: Restricting the Runs

A member of the LCG community here in Colorado indulged me with a conversation about the new Android: Netrunner card restriction lists. This list is titled NAPD Most Wanted List, appropriately thematic for the game it self. The cards on the list are those which Fantasy Flight Games has deemed improperly balanced […]

Boxed Culture: Hidden Agendas

Hidden Agendas This weekend co-writer Cait posted on Facebook about Cthulhu, our glorious savior, and his influence on board games. It was a funny Dork Tower comic about how Cthulhu’s ability to be Integrated into any game making the game more fun. Cait very much dislikes Game of Thrones: […]

Con Talk: DCC 2015 – Garth Ennis and Story Innovation

I had the pleasure of attending the Garth Ennis Panel at Denver ComicCon 2015. I was extremely excited because I had just finished his Punisher run with Steve Dillon and really wanted to hear him talk about what he was working on now, as I am always interested in new […]