Boxed Culture: Villainous Machinations

Villainous Machinations It has been awhile since I have been truly excited about a game expansion…who am I kidding? I get really excited about game expansions. But there is one I saw a spoiler for today that I am very excited about. The spoiler in fact made me so excited […]

Boxed Culture: International TableTop Day

International TableTop Day In a week or two we will have a yearly International Table Top Day! If you have never heard about it, it’s something pretty awesome that our community does every year. Today I am going to take some time to write out a little primer on International […]

Boxed Culture: The Power of the Card Side 2

The Power of the Card Side I told myself I was done with CCG booster-style games after playing Magic The Gathering for a few years and shifting to LCG’s (there will be an article from The Living Card Guy coming out soon regarding that topic) and being burnt so hard by dice […]

Boxed Culture: Introducing the Meta Scenario

Introducing the Meta Scenario Sounds like a pretty kool title, right?! Well it is, so you are right. Recently, I have been playing games that have required something a little more than a normal game. These are sometimes games I have played before and sometimes they are completely new games. […]

Boxed Culture: Collections

Collections I had the pleasure of talking to local game designer and friend, Virgilio San Andres(also know as V), this weekend at Denver ComicCon. We always have great conversations about gaming and today was no different as we talked about our games. We both have alto of them but he, assuredly, has more…far more. […]

Boxed Culture: Gamers Teaching Gaming – Happy Ending

Gamers Teaching Gaming Happy Ending It is back again! Gamers Teaching Gaming I mean not the last thing that happens in a seedy message parlor… ooooh I see why they were saying it was an inappropriate title now. Well, live and learn. Today, in our final Gamers Teaching Gaming segment, we are […]

Boxed Culture: Similar Mechanics, Different Games – Agricola vs Caverna

Similar Mechanics, Different Games Agricola Vs. Caverna A long time ago I did a segment on games with similar mechanics that while superficially similar turn out to be very different experiences. Feel free to check out the first segment here. Today I want to continue where I left off and talk about Agricola […]

Boxed Culture: Game Nights from Scratch!

Whether it be at a home, church, or a local game shop (often abbreviated LGS), gaming events are a big part of board gaming culture. Having a designated meeting place for people to get together to play games is a great way to…well always have people to play with, haha. […]