Con Talk: Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 1 – A Long Time Since it Has Been this Weird

Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 1 A Long Time Since it Has Been this Weird This year’s Denver Comic Con (DCC) is aready off to a great start. Oh you haven’t heard of DCC? Well for the last few years Pop Culture Classroom has been putting on a great event called […]

Boxed Culture: A Tale of Trading

A Tale of Trading One of the things I do as an avid member of the board game community is participate in board game trades. To date I have participated in about 30 board game trades. They can range from talking online and exchanging games through the mail to meeting up with someone […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Amon Amarth

Return of the Vikings Amon Amarth   On 7 May 2016, I went to see Amon Amarth in the concert for the second time.  The first time I saw them was in 2011 in a sold out venue that holds just under 1000 people.  Five years later, they sold out […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Religion in Music

Religion in Music   Whether you are religious or not, it is generally assumed that artists who make a lot of religious references in their music are going to be a little bit on the lame side. There are some notable exceptions, particularly if country music or gospel is your […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Like a Butterfly?

Like a Butterly? Uh, sure As music evolves and things change, so too can change the name of a band.  I’m not talking about Prince, Snoop Dog/Lion/That Guy that Likes Gin and Juice (laid back), or Sean Combs StayPuft Daddy, I’m talking about when bands go through lineup changes or […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Come Back!

Come Back! Bands that are Gone, but not Forgotten   Interestingly enough, the two bands that inspired me to make this post are (accordingly to Professor Wikipedia) still making active.  Winterlong, who I thought was long done, released an album in 2015 and Falconer, who played their last performance at […]

A Bard’s Eye View: I’m in a Polyamorous Relationship with Music and Books

I’m in a Polyamorous Relationship with Music and Books As are many of the artists I listen to   This is probably (up to this point) going to be my favorite post ever on here.  As an avid reader, one of the first things that particularly interested me when discovering […]

RtL#38: Ryan’s Take on Head to Head Controversial Musical Moment 1

Controversial Topics in Music The Death of Euronymous In this session of Roll the List, I am tasked with finding the most controversial topic in rock music that I can muster.  My opposition is ever debated Dave Grohl versus Kurt Cobain.  While I should ask for clarity on what that means, […]