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Graphic Reviews: Halloween Showcase – Vampires

Halloween Showcase – Vampires   Welcome back! This week I’ll be looking at one of the most well loved and familiar of monsters, the vampire! Vampires have been a part of horror and speculative fiction for so long now that we’ve seen them in many different incarnations. Everything from the […]

Graphic Reviews: Halloween Showcase – Monster Hunters

  Halloween Showcase – Monster Hunters This week for the Halloween Showcase, I wanted to move towards something a bit creepier and one of my favorite Halloween/horror themes, monster hunting! I was one of the weirdos who enjoyed watching Supernatural more in the first season when every episode was a […]

Graphic Reviews: Halloween Showcase – Supernatural

Halloween Showcase – Supernatural Well it’s been a minute since I last wrote for Graphic Reviews (18 months to be precise) and I figured I’d make my return during the spooooooky season since it’s my favorite time of year! As a way of reveling in my favorite season and celebrating […]

Graphic Reviews: DPCC ’19 Showcase (Round Three)

DPCC ’19 Showcase (Round Three) This week I’ll be talking about three more of the comics creators who will be guests this year at the Denver Pop Culture Con! DPCC has already put together some of the panel appearances so I’ll be noting those for each of the creators as […]

Graphic Reviews: DPCC ’19 Showcase (Round One)

DPCC ’19 Showcase (Round One) It’s that time of year again! By which I mean, the wonderful Denver Pop Culture Convention put on by Pop Culture Classroom at the Denver Convention Center. This is DPCC’s eighth year running and as I have for the past few years, I’ll be covering […]

Graphic Reviews: Die

Die As a long-time fan of role playing games, I’m always a sucker for stories that involve elements of games like Dungeons and Dragons into their own little worlds. The jokes in Rat Queens were spot on and even Nimona had a certain element of the classic hero/villain set-up of […]

Graphic Reviews: Coming Soon! (March)

Coming Soon! (March) While it’s technically still February, I wanted to have my monthly round-up post a little early so that I could devote next week to talking about Captain Marvel. With that movie coming out on March 10th, I wanted to make sure I devoted time to talking about […]

Graphic Reviews: Coming Soon! (February)

Coming Soon! (February) Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Galentine’s or Anti-Valentines! Whatever floats your boat. Regardless of which you pick, I hope February is a good month, especially when it comes to reading comics. Since this is my first post of the month, I wanted to take a look at some […]

Graphic Reviews: Ghost Fleet

Ghost Fleet As I may have mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of ridiculous, over-the-top action movies. Occasionally, I’ll have a get together where we find the most ridiculous action movies that we can find and binge watch a bunch of them. Just makes for a simultaneously kickass and incredibly […]