SitSoC Episode 162: Comparative Language and Weird TV

We’re almost out of episodes from last year!  We only have another two or three hundred. Danger 5: Glo Bones:   Oh, and go check out for Kyle and Dalton’s podcast based on their review site!

Graphic Reviews: Into the Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse While I can’t claim to be the most plugged into the Marvel universe, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse took me completely by surprise. I’ll admit that I pay very little attention to the newest superhero comics. It’s not lack of interest so much as feeling overwhelmed on where […]

Bearded Clansmen of the Vale – Shaggy Dom Becomes a Gardener!

Shaggy Dom Becomes a Gardener!   This week we talk about a deck that Shaggy Dom built! We discuss all the cards, best opening hands, and how to combat the other meta decks in prep for Store Champ season.   Here is the deck list.

Bearded Clansmen of the Vale: King of the Isles – Review of Everything Else

Shaggy Dom and Kyle, Son of Kyle talk about the non-squid cards from the King of the Isles Deluxe expansion. Will Baratheon continue to get shafted or will they have a few good cards? Is discarding cards as good as FFG wants us to think? Did we forget to go over […]

S&E: This Week In Horror – Best Horror from 2018!

This week Sickle and Efrit talk about more Spawn news, The new trailer for the movie simply called Arctic, and we review our top 10 horror films of 2018! Do your thing our lists are stupid or great let us know and def tell us how much you hated it!

Graphic Reviews: A New Year!

A New Year! Happy 2019! Now that the stress and business of the holidays are behind us, it’s natural for most of us to look forward to a new, hopefully improved 2019. Even if 2018 was a good year for you (as it was for me), here’s hoping things just […]