Graphic Reviews: DPCC ’19 Showcase (Round One)

DPCC ’19 Showcase (Round One) It’s that time of year again! By which I mean, the wonderful Denver Pop Culture Convention put on by Pop Culture Classroom at the Denver Convention Center. This is DPCC’s eighth year running and as I have for the past few years, I’ll be covering […]

Con Talk: Denver Comic Con 2018 – Cait’s Coverage, Saturday 1

Denver Comic Con 2018 Cait’s Coverage, Saturday   Now that day one of Denver Comic Con 2018 is in the books, it’s time to talk about all the sights and sounds it had to offer! As in previous years, my focus was on the panels which dealt with comics and […]

Graphic Reviews: DCC Showcase ’18 (Round Two)

DCC ’18 Showcase (Round Two)   In round 2 of the DCC Spotlight, I’ve picked another ten comics related guests at Denver Comic Con 2018. For each guest, I’ve provided a little bit of information about them as well as essential reading to prepare to see them on the panels. […]

Graphic Reviews: Kill or Be Killed

Kill or Be Killed For the second week of my October-inspired horror comics binge, I decided to go with the vigilante murder of one of Image Comics’ new series: Kill or Be Killed. As a lifelong fan of the hero vigilante Batman, I’m no stranger to the idea of someone […]

Con Talk: Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 1 – There is Only One Batman

Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 1 There is Only One Batman Now I know I already had one re-cap of Day 1 but I had to save an entire article for this one because this was absolutely a dream come true. While I very much enjoyed some of the celebrity […]

Graphic Reviews: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman While I’m counting down the hours until I get to see DC’s newest superhero movie, I have to admit that I had rarely felt much of a connection to Wonder Woman, either when I was growing up or now as thirty year old woman. Wonder Woman has always been […]

Graphic Reviews: The House That Batman Built

The House That Batman Built: Comics for Lego Batman Fans Over the long weekend, I got the chance to go see Lego Batman, a spin-off of the recent Lego movie featuring one of everyone’s favorite characters. I was a little concerned that it would be too childish or just a blatant […]