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I had the pleasure of talking to local game designer and friend, Virgilio San Andres(also know as V), this weekend at Denver ComicCon. We always have great conversations about gaming and today was no different as we talked about our games. We both have alto of them but he, assuredly, has more…far more. But he does not view his games as a collection  of rare games and collectibles. Instead, he views them as as a collection of experiences and fun. This is what I would like to talk about today.

Less of a collection, more of a warehouse

I have grown a formidable Collection of games in the last few years, but i am sad to announce alto of my games go un-played. This makes them less of a collection and more of a library to me. I don’t have the ability to tell stories about each game I have. I have games i have not even read the rule books too. I even has some games I have not even opened to this day. To me this is kind of sad as I am not going to have the same kind of collection as someone who has played each game with friends and family, experience the ins and outs for the rules, and has a story to tell.

Let’s make more,” I met so-and-so playing boardgames” stories!!!

After talking to V, I started thinking about what experiences I have with my games and what I am really collecting. I seem to be collecting possible experiences and ideas for stories. He mentioned that the was like me once getting games faster than he could play them and it is a stage. It is a stepping stone to having a real collection. Not one that is 2000 games or that is the rarest and out of print game, but something more. Having a room full of your favorite experiences captured in a box.

Don’t let this be your collection one day!!

As I always mention, the community we are in is amazing. So next time you are thinking about you collection look deeper and think about what it really means to you. Do you collect to have? Do you collect to remember? Do you collect to have something to say? How are you seen by someone looking at your collection? How does you collection sow who you are at heart? I know to many questions! Good thing we have a really long comment section. Leave you comments here and ill see you next time!


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