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Boxed Culture: Designer Focus – Ryan Laukat

Designer Focus Ryan Laukat When it comes to designing games there are lots of people who immediately spring to mind. From Bruno Cathala to Ignacy Trzewiczek, many designers are beginning to be common names. On top of which, some of these designers even run their own companies! But none of […]

Boxed Culture: The Min-Max Effect

The Min-Max Effect Often as gamers we run into people that play games hard. Unlike the casual gamer who  enjoys being around friends and enjoying a story, these gamers find fun in making the best plays and optimizing the decision making process. As much as I don’t think things are […]

Boxed Culture: The Art of Martial Gaming

The Art of Martial Gaming A long time ago a friend and I discussed the difference between deck building games and martial arts. We never really came to a conclusion about whether or not one can easily compare one to the other but we did have some interesting things come out […]

Boxed Culture: A Tale of Trading

A Tale of Trading One of the things I do as an avid member of the board game community is participate in board game trades. To date I have participated in about 30 board game trades. They can range from talking online and exchanging games through the mail to meeting up with someone […]

Boxed Culture: My T.I.M.E. Story 2

My T.I.M.E. Story Just two days ago my roommate and I played our first session of T.I.M.E. Stories. I have described this game as a puzzle room in a box. However, that was not really an apt description. It is more like a secret volcano puzzle lair in a box. In […]

Boxed Culture: Gamers Teaching Gaming – The Little Things

Gamers Teaching Gaming The Gamers Teaching Gaming segment is about teaching games. This is part two you can read them in any order but the other parts are here! The Little Things This is the ever awaited second part of the Gamers teaching Gaming segment. This segment is not going […]

Boxed Culture: Seasonal Shifts

Seasonal Shifts As we play games through our lives there are ebbs and flows. Sometime we really love euros, then in a few months we may dislike the way all the ones we are playing feel. Sometimes there are shifts in the groups of people we play with or the time we have […]

Boxed Culture: Interpreting The Zero Sum

Interpreting The Zero Sum Lately, when I have been talking about games, I have run across a term. It is not Euro or Amerithrash. It is not Worker placement or Deck-builder. The term I am referring to is much more of a game theory term. The term is Zero Sum. Traditionally […]

Boxed Culture: Gamers Teaching Gaming – Explain Your Self!

Gamers Teaching Gaming – Explain Your Self! Someone suggested the other day that I write an article about how to teach gaming. I was thinking about doing this for a bit but I was spurred to action with the confidence of another saying I was a fairly good teacher! I decided […]

Boxed Culture: Lovecraft, Gamification, and The Horrible Endless Void of Insanity

A colleague of mine loves H.P. Lovecraft even more than I do. He came across a YouTube video discussing the gamification of the Lovecraft/Cthulhu mythos. While the video is talking about video games we had an interesting discussion involving the board game world. That  is what I would like to discuss today […]