Boxed Culture: Gamers Teaching Gaming – Explain Your Self!

Gamers Teaching Gaming – Explain Your Self! Someone suggested the other day that I write an article about how to teach gaming. I was thinking about doing this for a bit but I was spurred to action with the confidence of another saying I was a fairly good teacher! I decided […]

Boxed Culture: Too Many Boxes!! 1

This week on boxed culture I wanted to talk about organization of your collection. I have ran out of room for my games and they are piling all over the floor. Not something am proud of, but it happens. Before I reached this step I used to love to keep my games organized […]

Boxed Culture: No 18XX Is Not My Username or Password

During our last weekly board game day/night I was talking another avid cardboard collector (read board game addict). We started discussing his experience the week before with his first 18XX game. He told me he went to a convention that the people from a gaming group called Heavy Cardboard threw and […]