ConTalk: DCC 2017 Breckenridge Brewery Naming Contest

DCC 2017 Breckenridge Brewery Naming Contest The time is coming again to go to the Colorado Convention Center, hangout with some famous people, geek out about comics, games, movies and TV, and drink delicious beer! Denver Comic Con is right around the corner and it makes us here at […]

Digital Beard Stroking: You got some Cosplay-ning to do

Continuing in the vein of parasocial interactions and our investment in fictitious characters, we can see the gradation of involvement in those avatars and how much we identify with them.  Previously, I talked about how we tailor our heroes to our own identities and project ourselves onto them.  Now, there’s […]

Boxed Culture: Seasonal Shifts

Seasonal Shifts As we play games through our lives there are ebbs and flows. Sometime we really love euros, then in a few months we may dislike the way all the ones we are playing feel. Sometimes there are shifts in the groups of people we play with or the time we have […]