eldritch horror

Boxed Culture: Expansion Madness!!

Expansion Madness!! A few weeks ago a new expansion came out for Elder Sign called Omens of Ice. For those not in the know, Elder Sign is a Lovecraftian themed, dice-rolling, cooperative game.  This expansion is similar to the last one in that it replaces the museum cards from the […]

Boxed Culture: Lovecraft, Gamification, and The Horrible Endless Void of Insanity

A colleague of mine loves H.P. Lovecraft even more than I do. He came across a YouTube video discussing the gamification of the Lovecraft/Cthulhu mythos. While the video is talking about video games we had an interesting discussion involving the board game world. That  is what I would like to discuss today […]

Boxed Culture: Drawn Out Theme

Drawn Out Theme I just got my Kickstarter pledge from Mr. B Games for the game called Posthuman. This is a fantastic game about surviving a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland in a journey to find the last bastion of humanity called The Fortress. The game takes a bit of time to play […]