Boxed Culture: The Literal Table-top 1

The Literal Table-top We play games all over the place. From dirty metal bar tables to felted wooden beasts built for the sole purpose of having games played on them. Sometimes we dont really care where we play but we all have at the very least a preference on the […]

Boxed Culture: Seasonal Shifts

Seasonal Shifts As we play games through our lives there are ebbs and flows. Sometime we really love euros, then in a few months we may dislike the way all the ones we are playing feel. Sometimes there are shifts in the groups of people we play with or the time we have […]

Boxed Culture: Interpreting The Zero Sum

Interpreting The Zero Sum Lately, when I have been talking about games, I have run across a term. It is not Euro or Amerithrash. It is not Worker placement or Deck-builder. The term I am referring to is much more of a game theory term. The term is Zero Sum. Traditionally […]

Artificial Happiness: Dark Souls 1

Dark Souls 1 Welcome to our newest segment called Artificial Happiness. In this segment Aaron Sheppard and Kyle Hagan try to take our skill (or lack there of) at video games and pit them against some of the hardest and most complex games out there. Aaron is a mechanical engineer who dabbles […]

Boxed Culture: Cubical Tactics

Someone came into the shop the other day and asked what game would be good to play in a cubicle farm. After a short amount of thought the one we had in the shop that I thought would fit best was Zombie Dice. It can be passed around, each players turn […]