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Graphic Reviews: Die

Die As a long-time fan of role playing games, I’m always a sucker for stories that involve elements of games like Dungeons and Dragons into their own little worlds. The jokes in Rat Queens were spot on and even Nimona had a certain element of the classic hero/villain set-up of […]

Graphic Reviews: Debris 1

Debris One of the dangers of being a bibliophile is that the battle of the to-read stacks is never-ending. This is especially true for graphic novels because hundreds of issues are published each month and even once collected into volumes, it’s nigh impossible to keep up with. Even if you […]

Graphic Reviews: Rat Queens

I lay claim to the geek label on a fairly regular basis so it’s probably not much of a surprise that some of my fondest memories of being a teenager are of the tabletop role playing games we used to play. I remember having marathon sessions of Dungeons and Dragons where […]