Dungeons and Dragons

Graphic Reviews: Die

Die As a long-time fan of role playing games, I’m always a sucker for stories that involve elements of games like Dungeons and Dragons into their own little worlds. The jokes in Rat Queens were spot on and even Nimona had a certain element of the classic hero/villain set-up of […]

Roll the List #32: Cait’s Take 1

Head to Head Cult Table Top RPG This week I’m joining Kyle for Roll the List #32 in which we shall be going head to head over the greatest cult tabletop RPG out there. Kyle has chosen the sci-fi, dystopian Paranoia game and I have chosen the fantasy Dungeon World […]

Boxed Culture: Games That Do it Better Than Descent 3

Descent Second Edition seem to be the quintessential dungeon crawler, and with so many tiles, scenarios, and minis many may topically agree. I am gonna take a stand right here and say Descent Second Edition is anything but a dungeon crawl game. I found it to more of an action  optimization game. […]