Call of Cthulhu

The Living Card Guy: Myths and Legends of Jewelry

Myths and Legends of Jewelry Today I would like to talk about how excited I am for the Legends of the Five Rings announcement that happened! We have all been waiting for a while to hear more about the LCG reboot of this game and a lot of information has come out […]

Boxed Culture: Restricting the Runs

A member of the LCG community here in Colorado indulged me with a conversation about the new Android: Netrunner card restriction lists. This list is titled NAPD Most Wanted List, appropriately thematic for the game it self. The cards on the list are those which Fantasy Flight Games has deemed improperly balanced […]

Boxed Culture: Similar Mechanics, Different Games (Part 1) 1

This time on Game Corner I am going to discuss how similar mechanics can affect how people view, play and judge games. The market place for games currently is booming, some even say we might be in a bubble (which is a topic for another article, possibly a Garion and […]