Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 243: VirtSoc: SirenHead and other CreepyPasta

The original(?) wiki (it’s been vandalized pretty bad lately.  I tried to revert it but they probably have more time than I do, so check that history) Pretty heckin’ creepy here:

SitSoC Episode 242: VirtSoc: The Lego Episode

We’re all coping with pandemic differently.  Organizing Lego is the most healthy way, probably. Kendric wouldn’t shut up about these:

SitSoC Episode 240: VirtSoc: M&Ms are Cereal Killers

We talked about M&Ms for longer than you’d think possible.  Also, Sous Vide and smoking. Lastly, Joe’s recording didn’t mess up, he’s part robot now.  That’s another thing 2020 did.  Robot Joe.  Robojoe.