SitSoC Episode 90: Is Gaming A Sport? yes.

In this (slightly) shorter episode, we ramble across the notion of what defines a sport.  I mean, hell, if they let Ping Pong into the Olympics, all bets are off, no?

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One thought on “SitSoC Episode 90: Is Gaming A Sport? yes.

  • Kath

    To be a sport there needs to be a physical component. Gaming is usually not a sport but it is a competition. Competition is not the same as a sport . Exercise is not the same as a sport. It has become fashionable to reduce many sports to simply exercise because some people think competition is mean . Equestrian events are odd because the horse is the athlete but the rider should also be an athlete to perform well . This isn’t always the case because I know many riders who aren’t very athletic . It’s in a middle category, I suppose .