Table Top

Boxed Culture: The Literal Table-top 1

The Literal Table-top We play games all over the place. From dirty metal bar tables to felted wooden beasts built for the sole purpose of having games played on them. Sometimes we dont really care where we play but we all have at the very least a preference on the […]

Boxed Culture: Trading Books for Boards

Trading Books for Boards I have a bimonthly table top RPG group. We have run through many different pen and paper RPG systems. From Dungeons &Dragons 4th edition to Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy, we have played and learned a lot. The main problem we run into is that table top RPG rule […]

Roll the List #34: Joe vs Kyle

Joe’s Take Head to Head Cult Horror Table-Top Game 13 Dead End Drive   It’s a rarity for me to stray into the world of Board Games, these days. I enjoy my fair share of them, but when it comes to the analytics of the Table-Top world, I usually look to […]

Roll the List #32: Cait’s Take 1

Head to Head Cult Table Top RPG This week I’m joining Kyle for Roll the List #32 in which we shall be going head to head over the greatest cult tabletop RPG out there. Kyle has chosen the sci-fi, dystopian Paranoia game and I have chosen the fantasy Dungeon World […]

Roll the List #32: Kyle’s Take 1

Head to Head Cult Table Top RPG This week on Roll the List we look at cult table top RPG’s. This to me is a game that has a small group of people that will know what game you are talking I about and rave about it without any provocation. For me […]