Board gaming

Boxed Culture: The Literal Table-top 1

The Literal Table-top We play games all over the place. From dirty metal bar tables to felted wooden beasts built for the sole purpose of having games played on them. Sometimes we dont really care where we play but we all have at the very least a preference on the […]

Boxed Culture: Community or Clique?

Community or Clique? So this weekend an article by a tumblr blogger named latining went viral within the board gaming community. The article is here but be warned it has some very graphic descriptions of some events that have happened to a person or people in the board gaming community in Canada […]

Boxed Culture: Finding the Time

Finding the Time We all have  lives outside of board gaming. This can sometimes make getting together to play our favorite games hard. So how do you make time for doing something you love? Do you have to leave everything you know behind and move to a country where board games are […]

Boxed Culture: Learning From Exposure

Learning From Exposure Experiences in the Envoy Program Just in case you all didn’t know I work with a company called Double Exposure, in their Envoy Program. Envoy’s mission statement is as follows: As an industry, gaming struggles to succeed at a business level – great games are being produced […]

Boxed Culture: Way Too Mini

A while back one of my best board gaming buddies moved to South Korea. I was very sad to see him go because he was the one who would learn the most random obscure games with me. He was also the one who was my gaming companion since I started gaming […]

Boxed Culture: Family Ties

Recently I attended Starfest. Minus the primary cluster of the con that was there was a diamond in the rough, Gamefest. I tend to volunteer at conventions so I can see all the people and help and everything, and I was stationed in the Gamefest section. You can tell when […]