Head to Head

RtL#38: Ryan’s Take on Head to Head Controversial Musical Moment 1

Controversial Topics in Music The Death of Euronymous In this session of Roll the List, I am tasked with finding the most controversial topic in rock music that I can muster.  My opposition is ever debated Dave Grohl versus Kurt Cobain.  While I should ask for clarity on what that means, […]

RtL#38: Dalton’s Take On Head to Head Controversial Musical Moment 1

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl vs. Death of Euronymous Why Euronymous is less controversial This is admittedly a very difficult argument to make. The Satanist death/black metal rockers are inherently controversial, with their death threats, arsons, suicides, and murders to boot. But…perhaps it is the culture they are associated with […]

Roll The List #34: Head to Head – Ryan vs Cait

Head to Head Underrated Horror Table Top Game This week we have a bunch of roll the lists. These are the first two Cait and Ryan going head to head in an epic battle for supremacy. Who will convince our audience of the best underrated table top horror game! *Ding […]

Roll the List #32: Cait’s Take 1

Head to Head Cult Table Top RPG This week I’m joining Kyle for Roll the List #32 in which we shall be going head to head over the greatest cult tabletop RPG out there. Kyle has chosen the sci-fi, dystopian Paranoia game and I have chosen the fantasy Dungeon World […]