Boxed Culture: Finding the Time

Finding the Time We all have  lives outside of board gaming. This can sometimes make getting together to play our favorite games hard. So how do you make time for doing something you love? Do you have to leave everything you know behind and move to a country where board games are […]

Boxed Culture: Game Nights from Scratch!

Whether it be at a home, church, or a local game shop (often abbreviated LGS), gaming events are a big part of board gaming culture. Having a designated meeting place for people to get together to play games is a great way to…well always have people to play with, haha. […]

Boxed Culture: The Windows to Your Soul 1

In this Game Corner I would like to talk about something that is very important to me as a consumer of board games: How a LGS displays their games. Some shops do a superb job of organizing and keeping everything in a logical order. These shops are awesome and I […]