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Con Talk: DPCC 2019 – Guest Wrap-Up by Gobo Moran From Lunar Harpoon

Con Talk: DPCC 2019 Fan Culture and the City Who Loved it In 2012 nerd culture changed for the better and for always with a film called the Avengers.  Before Avengers, comic culture was something relegated to children and those unfamiliar in the subtle art of talking to the opposite […]

Bearded Clansmen of the Vale: Clan Wars – Episode One

Clan Wars – Episode One Greyjoy/Rose vs Baratheon/Shadows Watch the Bearded guys duke it out! Shaggy Dom chose to ally with the Kraken and the Rose banners. A deck him and a buddy build on a car trip. Kyle, Son of Kyle chose something far more random, and ran a […]

Con Talk: Dalton’s DPCC 2019 Sunday Celebrity Panel Highlights

Con Talk Dalton’s DPCC 2019 Sunday Celebrity Panel Highlights Before diving into the panel I was able to attend, I just wanted to mention again that Pop Culture Classroom, an organization that helps under-privileged kids with education using pop culture mediums, is supported by DPCC as a powerful tool to […]