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Graphic Reviews: Star Wars – Princess Leia

Star Wars – Princess Leia Life is full of strange coincidences. Last week, I planned to kick off a Star Wars run of reviews after falling in love with Rogue One, starting with the Princess Leia series by Mark Waid, but somehow missed posting it. And this week, I am […]

A Bard’s Eye View: 2016 – A Love Story

2016 A Love Story Last year, I made a list of about 12 songs that particularly made an impact on me in 2015.  This year, I wanted to make a much larger and inclusive list.  The playlist will be linked from Spotify and accessible to listen to at your leisure […]

A Bard’s Eye ViewArtist Profile: Falconer

 Artist Profile Falconer Country of origin: Sweden Genres: Power metal, folk metal, viking metal Years active: 1999-2015 (maybe current?) Current members: Matthias Blad (vocals, keyboards), Stefan Weinerhall (rhythm & lead guitars, keyboards, backing vocals), Jimmy Hedluns (lead guitar, backing vocals), Magnus Linhardt (bass guitar), Karsten Larsson (drums) Number of albums: […]

The Living Card Guy: Building Your Deck – Part 1

Building Your Deck – Part 1 In my opinion the best part of playing LCGs is the deck building. I may not be good at it for some games but I have been known to put together some mean combos in other games. The awesome part of all LCGs is […]

Boxed Culture: 2016’s Too-Late-For-the-Holidays Gift Guide

2016’s Too-Late-For-the-Holidays Gift Guide It is that time of year again where we spend lots of money on other people we love! Hopefully most of the people you love also love what you love so the gifts are awesome for everyone, haha. All selfishness aside here is a quick list […]

Graphic Reviews: Mythic

Mythic Since the very beginning of humanity, we have struggled between belief and skepticism. Do we explain thunder as the stomping around of a magical being in the sky or as a natural process involving the sudden increase in pressure and temperature caused by lightning? The more sophisticated humans have become […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Artist Profile – Soilwork (Part 2)

Artist Profile Soilwork Part 2 Country of origin: Sweden Genres: Melodic death metal, metalcore, alternative metal, melodic metalcore Years active: 1995-current Current members: Bjotn Strid (vocals), Sven Karlsson (keyboards), Sylvain Coudret (lead guitar), David Andersson (lead guitar), Markus Wiborn (bass guitar) Number of albums: 10 Number of concerts attended: 3 […]

Digital Beard Stroking: If it starts to look too much like a ripoff, it’s a Homage now.

As some big series are premiering sequels around now (either releasing them or teasing them), I feel like I ought to jabber about those for a little bit. When it comes to sequels, we have a very demanding attitude about them as fans.  They can’t be too similar to the […]

The Living Card Guy: The Skin Game

The Skin Game A long time ago a friend and I were discussing B.F. Skinner and how his theories apply to some of our favorite games. Skinner developed the psychological theory of operant conditioning. The idea was that classical conditioning was not complex enough to describe human behavior. How does […]

Graphic Reviews: Wolf

Wolf In previous articles, I’ve talked a fair amount about genre mash-ups that take disparate elements and somehow fit them together in a seamless whole. One of the best combinations of genres has been noir and horror and there are plenty brilliant examples of that, especially with creator combinations like Ed […]