Graphic Reviews: Star Wars – Princess Leia

Star Wars – Princess Leia Life is full of strange coincidences. Last week, I planned to kick off a Star Wars run of reviews after falling in love with Rogue One, starting with the Princess Leia series by Mark Waid, but somehow missed posting it. And this week, I am […]

Graphic Reviews: DCC Showcase – Marguerite Sauvage & DC Bombshells 1

DCC Showcase – Marguerite Sauvage & DC Bombshells I have been waiting since before I started writing Graphic Reviews to be able to attend the Denver Comic Con (living at the opposite end of the state┬ámade that a bit more difficult than it is now) and I’m very excited to […]

Graphic Reviews: Debris 1

Debris One of the dangers of being a bibliophile is that the battle of the to-read stacks is never-ending. This is especially true for graphic novels because hundreds of issues are published each month and even once collected into volumes, it’s nigh impossible to keep up with. Even if you […]

Graphic Reviews: Thor, Goddess of Thunder

Thor, Goddess of Thunder I may have mentioned a few times that other than antiheroes, many of my favorite characters are strong women. I find that as a woman reading comics, I actively look for female characters that are badass but not defined by their gender. This used to be […]