Graphic Reviews: Mythic

Mythic Since the very beginning of humanity, we have struggled between belief and skepticism. Do we explain thunder as the stomping around of a magical being in the sky or as a natural process involving the sudden increase in pressure and temperature caused by lightning? The more sophisticated humans have become […]

Graphic Reviews: DCC Showcase – Chrissie Zullo & Cinderella 1

DCC Showcase – Chrissie Zullo & Cinderella For my final installment of DCC Showcase, I wanted to take a look at a fantasy series in which I have been interested for a very long time. One of the best fantasy series in the graphic novel genre is the Fables series […]

Graphic Reviews: Fables 1

When you’ve been reading a series for a long time, having the final volume in your hands always feels like such a bittersweet moment. You desperately want to know how it’s all going to end and yet, if it’s a good one, you just as desperately want it to never […]