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A Bard’s Eye View: 2016 – A Love Story

2016 A Love Story Last year, I made a list of about 12 songs that particularly made an impact on me in 2015.  This year, I wanted to make a much larger and inclusive list.  The playlist will be linked from Spotify and accessible to listen to at your leisure […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Watsky (x Infinity) Tour

Watsky’s x Infinity Tour On 8 November 2016, I went to see Watsky perform for the third time in three years.  Last year, I presented coverage of his performance and I decided that this year I would do the same.  This show was particularly important as he was in support […]

A Bard’s Eye View: R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O

R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O Back in late September, I decided to see R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O. A-F-R-O was my main reason for going and I was intrigued about R.A. The Rugged Man because I was largely unfamiliar with his work. I spent a small amount of […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Fishing Blues

Fishing Blues A look at the latest Atmosphere album I’ve been an Atmosphere fan since 2004 or so.  This was prior to the You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having album.  You could probably say that those first albums were the end of one era and When Life Gives […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Artist Profile – Sage Francis

Artist Profile Sage Francis Country of origin: United States Genres: Hip hop, Spoken word, Alternative hip hop, Rap rock, Country rap, Anti-folk Years active: 2004-current Current members: Sage Francis Number of albums: 5 Number of concerts attended: 4 Notable cameos on artist’s records: B. Dolan Sage Francis is an artist […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Artist Profile – Scroobius Pip

Artist Profile Scroobius Pip Country of origin: United Kingdom Genres: Hip hop, Spoken word Years active: 2005-current Current members: David Meads aka Scroobius Pip (lyrics/vocals, some beats) Number of albums: 2 (5 including Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip) Number of concerts attended: 0 Notable cameos on artist’s records: Travis […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Aesop Rock May 23, 2016

The Impossible Kid Tour Aesop Rock 5/23/2016   I waited four years for The Impossible Kid album to drop and when I finally got to hear it about a month ago, I was completely impressed (as usual) by Aesop Rock.  I went to see him perform for the seventh time […]

A Bard’s Eye View:The Impossible Kid

The Impossible Kid and the Not so Impossible Review Experiencing one of the greatest hip hop albums ever created I’m sure by now you’re aware that I listen to a lot of music.  I don’t know how many people read this or pay attention to it but I know that […]