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Digital Beard Stroking: If it starts to look too much like a ripoff, it’s a Homage now.

As some big series are premiering sequels around now (either releasing them or teasing them), I feel like I ought to jabber about those for a little bit. When it comes to sequels, we have a very demanding attitude about them as fans.  They can’t be too similar to the […]

Digital Beard Stroking: Media Avatar, Expressor of Efficacy 5

Digital Beard Stroking Philosophy of Technology I’d like to provide another perspective on the importance of technology, gaming and nerd culture through a lens of philosophical constructs and psychological concepts, thus providing a juxtaposition of historical/academic context of the above mentioned topics against a humorous, accessible vernacular. Media Avatar, Expressor […]

Roll the List #26: Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Underrated Cartoon TV Shows My Favorite part about Roll The List is that we kind of have the freedom and writers to make the lists our own. This list was one that I though exemplified this to a “T”. I have chosen to redefine cartoon as animated to […]