Daily Archives: 9 December, 2015

A Bard’s Eye View: That Vintage Though

That Vintage Though So Old School They Tore the School Down This week, we’re looking at artists who are pretty new for their time, but produced a sound that could have taken place long ago.  I reached out into the internet.com to get some suggestions and the list grew so […]

RtL#38: Ryan’s Take on Head to Head Controversial Musical Moment 1

Controversial Topics in Music The Death of Euronymous In this session of Roll the List, I am tasked with finding the most controversial topic in rock music that I can muster.  My opposition is ever debated Dave Grohl versus Kurt Cobain.  While I should ask for clarity on what that means, […]

RtL#38: Dalton’s Take On Head to Head Controversial Musical Moment 1

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl vs. Death of Euronymous Why Euronymous is less controversial This is admittedly a very difficult argument to make. The Satanist death/black metal rockers are inherently controversial, with their death threats, arsons, suicides, and murders to boot. But…perhaps it is the culture they are associated with […]