A Bard’s Eye View: 70,000 Tons of Recap 2017 Day One

70,000 Tons of Recap 2017 Day One The 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise for 2017 has come to an end.  I am excited to share the details.  I will recap each day in the order that I saw them. SCAR SYMMETRY (SWEDEN) FROM THE STUDIO VENUE Scar Symmetry is a […]

Artist Profile: The Agonist

Artist Profile The Agonist Country of origin: Canada Genres: Melodic death metal, metalcore Years active: 2004-current Current members: Danny Marino (guitars), Chris Kells (bass, backing vocals), Simon McKay (drums, percussion), Pascal Jobin (guitars), Vicky Psarakis (lead vocals) Number of albums: 4 Number of concerts attended: 3 Notable cameos on artist’s […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Surprising Cameos in Music

Surprising Cameos in Music   Have you ever been listening to a song and then you suddenly realized…you know the guest vocalist?  You search through the CD leaflet or check on Wikipedia and…sure enough, it’s the person you thought it was.  I’ve had a few of those revelations in the […]