A Bard’s Eye View: I…Don’t (?) Have You Covered?

I…Don’t (?) Have You Covered? Songs that aren’t covers So last week we looked at some cover songs.  This week we’re doing the opposite.  Granted, every week is a week without covers, but this week I’m looking at songs that have the same title but simply aren’t covers.  You’ll catch […]

A Bard’s Eye View: A Trip to the Underworld

A Trip to the Underworld All transportation provided by Symphony X July 24, 2015, four years, one month, and one week exactly after the release of Iconoclast, Symphony X has followed up with their ninth studio album, Underworld.  Like Blind Guardian, Symphony X employs a very meticulous approach to songwriting, […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Just Shut Up

Just Shut Up: Recognizing Artists Without Vocals For many, instrumental artists are difficult to process.  After all, the way we know and identify with songs is based on the message it presents and the way the words are used.  Lyrics are a great way to help you remember what part of […]