The Scoop: Casual Contemplation – Israfel Eldrazi

Casual Contemplation Deceptive Tactics I have a weakness for beautiful cards with unique abilities, even if those abilities are so absurdly difficult to use, they make the card virtually unplayable, especially in any competitive vein. Yet, I love to take those cards and do everything I can to make a […]

Aeither Announcements: It Feels Like Magic!!

It Feels Like Magic!! Hello, there everyone Things are always a changing over here at AeitherNet. As the slogan implies we try to cover everything we can as far as content goes. We have long standing articles such as Graphic Reviews. We have articles transform into new ones like Boxed […]

Moviephors: Metawars – A Brief Look at Star Wars Metaphors

Metawars – A Brief Look at Star Wars Metaphors Every film hides its own metaphors. Whether intentional or not, or requiring a particular worldview or perspective, the best and worst films in history have their own metaphors and/or symbolism rife within them. We simply need to look. Star Wars is […]

Moviephors: The War on Aliens

The War on Aliens Moviephors – Metaphors in Movies, an Introduction Here is a quick breakdown on the concept of this article. Every other Sunday I will be posting a small essay on the metaphors or symbolism found in a particular film. Said metaphors may not be direct, but in […]

RtL#38: Dalton’s Take On Head to Head Controversial Musical Moment 1

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl vs. Death of Euronymous Why Euronymous is less controversial This is admittedly a very difficult argument to make. The Satanist death/black metal rockers are inherently controversial, with their death threats, arsons, suicides, and murders to boot. But…perhaps it is the culture they are associated with […]