Boxed Culture: Obligatory Labor Day Article

I don’t typically try to do review segments anymore but I played a few new games lately that are really fun. So in honor of the holiday I figure it would be appropriate to do some reviews. It literally has nothing to do with the fact I have had no time to write anything else.

New Haven

The first game is one that I am will be demoing soon called New Haven. In this game you are trying to build the best settlement by placing tiles and then using the resources generate by those tiles to build buildings; however, the resources you do not use get to be utilized by your opponents to do the same. This adds a very nice level if player interaction layer to the game that most tile placement style games lack. At the end of the turn you will draw new buildings for all the resources used and a new tile to create resources next turn. The game goes on until there is only one place to play a tile then you will score based on the way you build your buildings. This game is beautiful and light and can accommodate up to 5 players. This makes it very open to anyone who is used to tile placement, and people who are not, while still making you feel like you are not playing solitaire.  Suffice it to say I am excited to demo this game.

medieval academy

Another awesome game I have played recently, which I am also demoing soon, is called Medieval Academy. In this game you play a squire in King Arthur’s Court trying to gain the most chivalry before the end of the game, The game starts with the players drafting cards. this  a process where players take turns selecting a card and passing the ones they do not like to another player. After all the cards have been drafted players take turns playing 4 of the 5 cards they drafted. The cards have a number on them that move then up a respective track. The squire can gain chivalry many ways including: a knightly tournament, questing to slay a dragon, or by being a good court jester. Also squires can try to court the princess to move them selves up on any track. Finally they need to make sure they are not forgetting there studies or not giving alms to the poor peasants in town as that will generate them negative chivalry points. At the end of the game the player who has the most chivalry is the winner. This is a wonderful light game just like New Haven. It will accommodate up to 5 players and is extremely easy to learn. Any game by Iello, you can assume is going to be a great game for most of the people in your life.

Sorry about the short article but I hear them calling  for breakfast, and I am not about to miss that on the morning after! See you all next week!

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