Aeither Announcements: It Feels Like Magic!!

It Feels Like Magic!!

Hello, there everyone Things are always a changing over here at AeitherNet. As the slogan implies we try to cover everything we can as far as content goes. We have long standing articles such as Graphic Reviews. We have articles transform into new ones like Boxed Culture into The LCG. And we have even had articles come and go. RIP A Bard’s Eye View, Poster Chat, and Digital Beard Stroking. Hell, we even have a podcast that (I think) our parents listen to!! I am looking at you SitSoC. But every now and then we get someone with new inspiration.

And that is what just happened!

Dalton has been inspired to start writing about a topic that I think most people will enjoy, Magic the Gathering. In his new series of articles, he will cover everything from crazy kitchen table deck builds to what is happening with the game and new cards. If you like MTG make sure to check out The Scoop to get you fix of a casual player’s take on everything Magic. Articles will start posting in the next Friday, so keep an eye out!


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