Boxed Culture: 50 Shades of Munchkin.

Halloween is coming! If you are not excited then you are not paying attention! There are so many great Halloween board games, that you would have to be crazy to not be gaming your face off. In fact, we are having a huge board game event at my LGS. One […]

Boxed Culture: Trading Cardboard

If it was not painfully obvious there are so many things to enjoy about the board gaming community. We have wonderful people who love to share their favorite experience with others. We have excellent resources to educate out community and make it more cohesive. We even have a ton of […]

Boxed Culture: Family Ties

Recently I attended Starfest. Minus the primary cluster of the con that was there was a diamond in the rough, Gamefest. I tend to volunteer at conventions so I can see all the people and help and everything, and I was stationed in the Gamefest section. You can tell when […]