Boxed Culture: Finding the Time

Finding the Time

We all have  lives outside of board gaming. This can sometimes make getting together to play our favorite games hard. So how do you make time for doing something you love? Do you have to leave everything you know behind and move to a country where board games are the currency and you are a king among the people due to your huge board game collection thus having all the time in the wold to play games?!


No, you can just use these helpful tips to try to get more gaming in!

Setting a Game Night

Just make sure you let other people know your game night is happening!

One of the best options is to get your first together and agree on an occurring night. It can be every week or once a month, but setting a date can be one of the most consistent ways to game regularly. Usually using Facebook is one of the best ways to get a group set up, but for those ol’ curmudgeons who don’t use social networking, just make an event on your phone and send invites to e-mails! You can also use Meet-ups to find groups that play regularly in your local area. I typically have my private game nights twice a month. This is nice because we can choose to invite our close friends to the night and know who is coming. This leads directly into the next thing you can do to game regularly…

Join a Board Game Group

This group really love the dexterity version of Monopoly. That is a thing right?

if you have a group of friends that you love gaming with or want to find one, join a group. this is a sure fire way to increase you group size and meet new people with varying schedules that you can plan with! This also allows you to play a lot of game you may not actually own because others do! Finally, a board game group typically meets at interesting locations. Churches, libraries and most importantly local game stores. Which leads again directly into my final point…

Find A Local Game Store

While this looks more like a spooky game warehouse than a friendly game store, I am sure there is a good spot to game behind that creepy shelf…maybe.

This is the crux of getting in more gaming time. A game store has the highest amount of people per square foot that are usually always up for a game. Whether that be an LCG or a board game, people who hang out at stores all day want to play. Hey, that rhymed! Also you will have the awesome ability to see what their schedule for gaming is. Our shop runs weekly demos at our board game night. Wait a second, did i just say gaming night? In fact I did! Going to a shop is a great way to establish a board game night!

It is full circle and it is the best kind of circle that allows you to get inside of it at any point because people inside are always looking for more to join. I hope some of you found this article helpful and if you have anything to add please comment! See ya next time!


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