Scott Snyder

Graphic Reviews: The Wake

The Wake I find environmental dystopians to be a rather fascinating genre that seems to have only gathered steam as the debate about climate change ramps up and becomes more important to people in general. Whatever your view on climate change, the idea of the oceans swallowing large parts of […]

Graphic Reviews: Severed

For our October horror theme for Graphic Reviews, we’ve so far covered zombies, insane asylums and weird westerns so for the final horror review before Halloween, I’ve picked the horror that scares me the most: serial killers. While most monsters are capable of scaring me, nothing scares me as much […]

Graphic Reviews: Wytches

This week in Graphic Reviews we’ll be taking a look at witches. And these won’t be the green-faced, broomstick-riding hags you see every Halloween. In Wytches, we get an entirely new nightmare, courtesy of Scott Snyder’s writing and Jock’s artwork. Snyder claims Roald Dahl’s book, The Witches, Stephen King stories […]

Graphic Reviews: American Vampire 1

I’m sticking with the horror theme again this week and will be reviewing the American Vampire series written by Scott Snyder and illustrated mostly by Rafael Albuquerque. Vampires, like zombies, have become such an omnipresent monster that it seems most people are sick of them by now. Between Anne Rice, […]