Digital Beard Stroking:Trope-dition!

As we hurtle from post-election ennui/consternation/rage/gloating/inebriation into the inebriation/gloating/rage/consternation/ennui of the holiday season and the host of traditions that come with it.  This seems like a good time to talk about Traditions.  Of course, we have the traditional meals with all the gathering and family and arguments, etc., but we have […]

Roll the List #25: Dalton’s Take

Roll the List #25: Top 3 Worst Shooter Video Games – Dalton’s Take I could go to Google and just search the worst shooters of all time. I could just throw this list together rummaging through the bottom of the barrel. Anyone could do that. But I’m going to pick […]

Roll the List #25: Kyle’s Take

Roll the List #25: Top 3 Worst Shooter Video Games – Kyle’s Take Hey we have reached our 25th roll the list and it only took us a year or so. If you think about it ( which I advise against) you would think we would actually be more around […]

Roll the List # 19: Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Cult Shooter Video Games is the topic this week. This one is a great topic and I cannot wait to see what my other members from The Aeither put on their lists. 5. GoldenEye– This was on of the first games we all ever played probably. The RCP90 […]

Roll the List #19: Garion’s Take

The definition of “cult” usually includes media that is difficult to place in a specific genre and/or has a small following of dedicated fans.  I picked my five off of personal favorites and those I feel weren’t given the same reception as more popular counterparts.  Enjoy. 1. Team Fortress 2. […]