Roll the List #19: Garion’s Take

The definition of “cult” usually includes media that is difficult to place in a specific genre and/or has a small following of dedicated fans.  I picked my five off of personal favorites and those I feel weren’t given the same reception as more popular counterparts.  Enjoy.

1. Team Fortress 2.
While it sees huge support from the steam community, it’s not really getting any media attention despite the constant slew of updates it receives. Since it still receives so much support from Valve, it manages to garner thousands of players on it every day.

2. Day Z
What began as a mod for Arma II became a particularly interesting survival game. It follows a very common theme in typical zombie media: it’s not the zombies that are the problem, it’s the other people. Part of its appeal is that there is no objective. You spawn with minimal equipment and wander around a zombie-infested wasteland. The major conflict is when you meet another player. Is he friend or foe? Despite the lack of direction, this game maintains a dedicated following.

3. System Shock
Bioshock’s spiritual predecessor, it featured a wide variety of weapons and puzzles that forced it to straddle genres. Just like Bioshock, System Shock gave the player the ability to equip various items that gave him an edge in certain situations. Despite not having Bioshock’s popularity, System Shock remains in a special place in the hearts of hard-core fans.

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Deus Ex exists between several genres. It’s essentially a stealth/rpg with FPS elements. Surprisingly similar to System Shock, it featured a unique upgrade system (like any RPG) that could radically alter game play. You can pick between a stealthy, one-shot one-kill sneak, or just go with the rough and tumble and everywhere in between.

5. Dishonored
While primarily a stealth game, I still consider it a shooter based on its first-person view and the use of projectile weaponry. That being said, the game ultimately punishes you for being too trigger-happy. Overall, it was an interesting blend of stealth, action and the supernatural.

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