Daily Archives: November 21, 2014

Roll the List # 19: Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Cult Shooter Video Games is the topic this week. This one is a great topic and I cannot wait to see what my other members from The Aeither put on their lists. 5. GoldenEye– This was on of the first games we all ever played probably. The RCP90 […]

Roll the List #19: Garion’s Take

The definition of “cult” usually includes media that is difficult to place in a specific genre and/or has a small following of dedicated fans.  I picked my five off of personal favorites and those I feel weren’t given the same reception as more popular counterparts.  Enjoy. 1. Team Fortress 2. […]

Roll the List #19, Dalton’s Take

Top 5 Cult Shooters I am a huge fan of the shooter genre. FPS and RPG are my jam, but I’ve never lost track of time like I do in an FPS. Here are 5 franchises that are addicting cult classics that most people would still play today if they […]