ConTalk: DCC 2017 Breckenridge Brewery Naming Contest

DCC 2017 Breckenridge Brewery Naming Contest


The time is coming again to go to the Colorado Convention Center, hangout with some famous people, geek out about comics, games, movies and TV, and drink delicious beer! Denver Comic Con is right around the corner and it makes us here at very excited. DCC is wonderful enough to allow us the ability to cover their event every year, and every year we appreciate it and love the experience. Also, each year DCC asks Breckenridge Brewery creates a special beer for all the attendees to enjoy. Last year we got the delicious Snape-ricot, a delectable apricot ale. These beers are brewed specifically for the convention and are quite the experience! They allow people to suggest names and vote on them to see what beer [name] is best! This year the populace is split between 4 names!

Princess Pilsner – This name is in honor of our late Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher. This name was created by Matthew Swartz.

Sonic Brewdriver – What is better than the doctor saving the day? How about enjoying a beer while he does it! This name was created by Jen Cherry Millard.

Demopourgon – Nothing is better than combining one of the most fierce creatures in DnD and a beer, besides maybe accidentally summoning it by ordering the beer. This name was created by Aaron Heath

I Am Brewt! – The best part about this name is that if you get to think about cute lil’ baby Groot each time you talk about it! Sounds like a win-win to me. This name was created by Rhi

There are a few good names here to vote from, but the voting is only open until tomorrow so make sure you get all your votes in before then! In order to vote, go to this site and cast the name in proverbial iron, and also share it with your friends! The beers have been pretty great over the last few years and they don’t really make them elsewhere, so make sure to attend DCC and grab yourself one, when it finally gets its name. Denver Comic Con is June 30th through July 2nd. to get tickets for DCC or information on the event, follow this link.  It is up y’all folks to choose the best name and be victorious! See you at DCC this year!


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