Con Talk: The Cosplay of Denver Comic Con – Emily

The Cosplay of Denver Comic Con

Guest Author: Emily “Rocket Sloth” Evans

Denver Comic Con celebrated its five year anniversary on June 17th-19th of 2016.  That’s five years of being the biggest convention in the state of Colorado. Five years of celebrity appearances and taking over the downtown convention center. Five years of meeting up with friends at the Blue Bear and five years of some hard core dedication to cosplay.

I spoke to a few of these cosplayers on Sunday and asked them what they thought of the cosplay environment at Denver Comic Con and how it’s changed over the last five years, and what they liked about it.  There was a unanimous answer of Denver Comic Con being “a great place for people to be exposed to the world of cosplay” and a sense of pride in one of the fastest growing conventions in the nation.  From purchased, to hand made, to halloween store or closet cosplays, there is no mistaking that Denver Comic Con is the place to be for the widest variety of cosplayers in the Mile High State.

The first cosplayer I spoke to was Dave.  Dave is a swell fellow who has three Wolverine costumes under his belt and the intent to create more. He has been cosplaying for just three years, spurred on by his kids who also cosplay and regularly attend conventions (often with Dave in tow).  He commented that he has enjoyed “seeing the cosplay environment grow” and that “Comic Con has centralized cosplay and become a real focal point for meeting people and developing relationships.”  

Huge ackman

Frequently mistaken for Hugh Jackman

“Vady” of HouseofLoki Cosplay has only been cosplaying for two years, but her craftsmanship is always on point.  Vady started cosplaying at Denver Comic Con three years ago in a costume her mom made, and it is by far her favorite con to cosplay at.  Not only is it the variety of costumes (Vady is more a fan of western culture and media), but as she put it “…so many people get to see cosplay for the first time, it’s really great for them.”  Each year since it opened its doors, DCC has seen exponential levels of growth.  Every day of the Con new people are walking into the convention center for the first time and some of the very first things they see (sometimes before even getting to the convention center) are the cosplayers.  


The stitching on the detailing on the jacket was so precise I wanted to cry with happiness

The last person I spoke to was Mandi or “Teca” as most people know her in the cosplay community. She was head of the Cosplay department for DCC this year and has been cosplaying “since the dawn of time” or 15 years, whichever is easier to believe.  Mandi’s favorite part of the cosplay at Comic Con is the sheer variety.  From the “little kids in their Halloween costumes to adults who spent years making their costumes,” to the “families, generations of families all getting together to cosplay,” and the stalwart “people who put a costume on and come all by themselves.”  Mandi emphasized that the growth of Comic Con has been huge and because of that so many more people are being introduced to cosplay and understanding it and trying it for themselves.

war pups

These War Pups are ready to ride shiny and chrome

For the full album of images taken by yours truly on Sunday of DCC go here!


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