Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Bard’s Eye View: Devastation on the Nation

Devastation on the Nation Getting my death metal fix   On September 19, 2015, I decided to go see another show.  With Epica dropping off on their tour, it seemed unlikely for me to have another concert to see in September.  I may still go and see Eluveitie and The […]

Boxed Culture: Way Too Mini

A while back one of my best board gaming buddies moved to South Korea. I was very sad to see him go because he was the one who would learn the most random obscure games with me. He was also the one who was my gaming companion since I started gaming […]

En-gage: eventual/eventuality

Since moving to Colorado, I’ve had to think a lot about in-sur-ance (n.): a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium; a thing providing protection against a possible […]

Graphic Reviews: Copperhead

One of the best aspects of science fiction is how broad and adaptable it is as a genre. There aren’t all that many genres that are comfortable tossing disparate elements like spaceships and Old West style gunslingers together but science fiction straddles both in the most entertaining, creative ways. This […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Riding the Majestic 1

Riding the Majestic A look at Soilwork’s 10th Studio Album Before I begin, I need to preface this by saying that Soilwork is THE band responsible for opening up my perspective to European music and heavier music in general.  At 17-years-old. I was convinced that I had pretty much heard […]

Roll the List #34: Joe vs Kyle

Joe’s Take Head to Head Cult Horror Table-Top Game 13 Dead End Drive   It’s a rarity for me to stray into the world of Board Games, these days. I enjoy my fair share of them, but when it comes to the analytics of the Table-Top world, I usually look to […]

Roll The List #34: Head to Head – Ryan vs Cait

Head to Head Underrated Horror Table Top Game This week we have a bunch of roll the lists. These are the first two Cait and Ryan going head to head in an epic battle for supremacy. Who will convince our audience of the best underrated table top horror game! *Ding […]

En-Gage: are students; are learners

We are always learning. We have to learn how to walk; learn how to talk; learn “how to” everything. learn (v.): gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, experience, or being taught. We begin school and are introduced to teachers (n.): a person who teaches, especially in  […]