En-Gage: are students; are learners

We are always learning. We have to learn how to walk; learn how to talk; learn “how to” everything.

learn (v.): gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, experience, or being taught.

We begin school and are introduced to teachers (n.): a person who teaches, especially in  school; a person or thing that teaches something.

We cannot replace teachers with “things.” Teachers utilize “things” to appeal to multiple learning styles.


A teacher is–does–all of these, but what about learning?

Thesaurus.com says an antonym of teacher is student (v.): from Old French estudiant; scholar; one who is studying.

Teachers assist students.

Teachers educate students.

Teachers instruct students.

Teachers lecture students.

Teachers advise students.

Teachers guide students.

Teachers mentor students.


Teachers are scholars.

Teachers study pedagogy.


Students assist students.

Students educate students.

Students instruct students.

Students advise students.

Students guide students.

Students mentor students.

Students are scholars.


Students assist teachers.

Students educate teachers.

Students instruct teachers.


Teachers assist teachers.

Teachers educate teachers.

Teachers instruct teachers.

Teachers advise teachers.

Teachers guide teachers.

Teachers mentor teachers.


The archaic informal definition of learn is to teach someone (e.g. “That’ll learn you”).

If learn is synonymous with teach, then how is student not synonymous with teacher?

I associate teaching with learning. If you want to teach for the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, before you can teach, you must learn how to teachpedagogue.

In order to present material knowledgably, a teacher must master (learn) the material. A teacher must present the material to students so they can have an intellectual discourse about the material. Perhaps the students will learn the teacher.

The best teachers are students–are learners.

Do we ever stop learning?

The shark cannot stop swimming or it will die.

The teacher should not stop learning; if the teacher stops learning, they should change careers.


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