Monthly Archives: June 2015

Boxed Culture: Doctrinaphobia – Fear of Instructions

Why yes,  I did make up that word using Latin, thank you for noticing! I would like  to start off today by sharing a discussion I had with a friend of mine about the game called Fief: France 1429: Me: “Okay, so this game is about trying to become the most […]

Graphic Reviews: Batman: Knightfall

In honor of the release of Rocksteady’s final installment of the incredible Batman: Arkham videogame series, this week I will be reviewing Batman: Knightfall. Knightfall is a huge Batman arc written by Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench and illustrated by Alan Grant, Jim Aparo and others. If you’ve ever seen […]

Boxed Culture: The Math of the Demo!

I have recently joined the team over at Double Exposure as part of their Envoy program. This wonderful program allows board game addicts, like myself, to obtain games for no cost upon agreeing to become certified in the game and perform a set amount of demos of the game. This […]

Boxed Culture: Shady Dealings

This sounds like a good title for a segment on a hidden traitor, euro game but unfortunately it is far less fun than that. We are currently in the midst of another board game company acting shady on Kickstarter and I have hit a point of no return. When a […]

Graphic Reviews: American Vampire 1

I’m sticking with the horror theme again this week and will be reviewing the American Vampire series written by Scott Snyder and illustrated mostly by Rafael Albuquerque. Vampires, like zombies, have become such an omnipresent monster that it seems most people are sick of them by now. Between Anne Rice, […]

Boxed Culture: Insanity is in the Cards

  Last time, long ago, we covered the myriad of Fantasy Flight Lovecraft games (check it out here). I feel like I left you hanging so bad there with the teaser for the next article. “Lovecraftian card games you say, how does that even work?” Well my friends this is […]

Graphic Reviews: Fatale

This we we are sating a new segment called Graphic Reviews, written by our new writer Caitlin Roberts. Here is a brief introduction, also written by her: Hello! My name’s Cait and the Aeither has invited me to write a graphic novel review segment here. I’m an avid gamer (both […]

Boxed Culture: DCC 2015 and Mr. B Games 1

One of my favorite parts about going to conventions is the exhibition halls. They allow for most individuals, companies or organizations to set up a booth. This is great with small companies because you get to interacted with their whole staff. The more cons I attend the more I am learning […]